quick, effective and safe

Due to their exclusive characteristics, only three iRace NiTi rotary instruments are needed to treat the majority of cases (straight, slightly curved or wide canals). The iRace sequence allows preparation up to a diameter of ISO 30/.04. Easy to put into practise and use, significant time is spared.

With the Rooter motor, select memory no. 1 for the iRace sequence


Follow this procedure after scouting

  1. Introduce R1 rotating and progress up to the WL. However, if R1 cannot achieve the WL, do not force further but proceed to step 1 of the iRace Plus procedure.
  2. Continue working with R2 up to the WL.
  3. Finish with R3 up to the WL.
Recommended speed 600 rpm

Additional set iRace Plus. In addition to the basic sequence, two highly flexible instruments (with taper of .02) allow treatment of more difficult cases (highly curved, narrow or calcified canals).


  1. Use R1a up to the WL; Continue with R1b up to the WL.
  2. Once WL is reached, resume step 2 of the iRace procedure.
Recommended speed 600 rpm


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