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XP-endo Solutions revolutionizes endodontics using breaking innovation, optimized solutions, and Swiss precision manufacturing so you can master your practice faster, more safely and efficiently.
Now the most unique and complete 3D canal management system available, our dual file designs feature high adaptability and minimally invasive tooling for maximum canal safeguarding. Expand your mind and your craft.

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Daily Endo Training

Cologne, 12.–16.03.2019
Starting at 9.30 am
Session every hour

Hall 4.2 - Booth J29-G28

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Dr Gilberto Debelian
Dr Andreas Krokidis
Dr-Guillaume-JouannyDr Prajakta MahindreThursday/Friday
Dr Prajakta Mahindre
Dr Guillaume Jouanny
Dr Klaus Lauterbach

XP-endo Shaper

XP-endo Shaper is the ultimate shaping tool. Designed for unparalleled precision and efficiency, its adaptive core technology, 1% guiding taper and innovative kinetics intelligently safeguards original root canal shapes like never before – perfect for most complex structures and completely suited for both patient treatment and retreatment.

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XP-endo Shaper

XP-endo Finisher

XP-endo Finisher is designed for optimal expansion and seamless canal wall cleaning. Its minimalistic construction and state-of-the-art materials offer more reach and better accuracy for initial and retreatment sequences. Available in two different diameters, with 0% taper, this unique cleaning system adapts to any anatomical dimension, radically simplifying and expediting your clinical protocols.

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XP-endo Finisher


Retreatment therapy revolutionised to be faster and simpler. XP-endo Retreatment is a total treatment solution fusing the unique properties of our two files to boost your retreatment management. This complete system delivers greater process manoeuvrability to your practice, ensuring smoother, more thorough treatments, with the highest quality results.

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