Safe and biological sequence

BioRace Sequence

BioRace Basic Set is a highly reliable sequence of six instruments. 

In the majority of cases, it has been found that, to achieve adequate elimination of bacteria from the root canal, the apical third of the canal should be treated with the minimum given sizes, ISO 35 or 40. 

The BioRace sequence has been specially designed to achieve the required apical size without the need for additional steps or files.

By using the BioRace system, the biological aim of the root canal treatment can be attained without compromising efficiency.

Complementary BioRace Extended Set

In addition, BioRace Extended Set includes two instruments for canals with severe curvature and two for large canals:

a. Canals with severe apical curvature

For the most complicated cases, BT-Apisafe, ScoutRace or FKG manual files can be added.

b. Large canals


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