Race instruments can be used in ad-hoc sequences according to the practitioner’s need and are also available in specific sequences. They come in both sterile and non-sterile packs.

All of the instruments in the Race family feature an exclusive anti screw-in design (alternating cutting edges), an electro-chemical polish that improves resistance to fatigue and corrosion, greater flexibility that allows the user to follow the canal’s curvatures, and a rounded safety tip that ensures perfect centering of the instrument inside the canal.

Race instruments on offer

1. Race sequences for canal shaping

BT-Race, three instruments, sterile and single-use, for a biological and conservative shaping.

iRace, three instruments for a rapid and efficient shaping.

BioRace, six instruments for a completely safe biological shaping.

2. Race sequences for retreatment

D-Race, two instruments for removing obturation material (Gutta Percha, obturators, and resin-based material).