Cavity Access Kit

Burs for access cavity preparation

This set of rotary instruments, Swiss-made and boasting Swiss quality, comprises 5 burs (FG) in a blister pack, which can be used with a turbine or a speed-increasing contra-angle (red ring) for preparing endodontic access cavity. The instruments are used at speeds ranging from 60,000 to 120,000 min-1.

The first instrument in the sequence is a round diamond bur (ISO 016/25 mm), used for the initial preparation. A tapered diamond bur should then be used to flatten the internal walls and finish the pulp chamber preparation. There are two models available, one for preparing cavities in anterior teeth (ISO 012/25 mm), and the other for premolars and molars (ISO 017/25 mm). These burs feature both the safety of a "blunt", non-cutting end and a depth marker: their head is gilt over the last 5 millimetres. These two assets enable you to work with complete peace of mind and extreme precision, with no risk of pulp base penetration.

In the presence of metal prostheses, both tungsten carbide instruments should be used: the round bur (ISO 012/25 mm) for penetrating the metal and the cylinder bur (ISO 012/19 mm) for cutting amalgam fillings or separating metal crowns.

The burs are available in kit, as well as individual refills (5 pieces/blister pack).


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