XP-endo Shaper


XP-endo Shaper

Simplify your retreatment protocol and reduce your operation time

XP-endo® Shaper

  • Unique file design and high-speed rotation enhance the efficiency of gutta percha plasticization
  • Improved penetration capability and retreatment effectiveness, compared to other single file systems4

XP-endo® Finisher R

  • Optimised expansion capacity allows the semi-active tip to abrade root canal walls and dislodge filling material in difficult-to-reach areas.
  • Seamless adaptation to all root canal morphologies
  • Exclusive alloy
  • Excellent resistance to cyclic fatigue5
  • Optimal core diameter (ISO 30) improves efficiency in filling material removal, while maintaining superelasticity and extreme flexibility
  • Unique design
  • Reduces remaining root filling material up to twice the efficacy of passive ultrasonic irrigation6
  • Provides enhanced precision cleaning of the root canal, leaving walls cleaner than other available systems7

Clinical case

Photograph illustrating a case of retreatment before instrumentation

After instrumentation, no debris are seen

Root filling material removal during retreatment case

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Retreatment simulation in a FKG-3D Tooth™